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Where Do We Stay?

Night 1: Hotel Gloria in La Paz.

Night 2: Hotel Titicaca at the shore of the lake.

Night 3: Hotel Gloria in La Paz.

Night 4: Hotel Gloria in La Paz.

PRICE: 1999.- USD per person.

Day 1: Arrival to La Paz, Bolivia – Transfer to Gloria Hotel – Orientation Meeting – Visit to the Cable Car, the Ichthyological Museum and the alpaca clothing center – First workshop and course.


Groups arrive from United States to El Alto International Airport in La Paz, normally early in the morning. Students are awaited by our guide and taken to the Gloria Hotel, check in, leave their luggage and an introductory meeting is held.

Bolivia Agropecuaria Collection Books and DVD are delivered.

Then, ride to the longest cable car in the region over the city. Visit to the Ichthyological Museum and Sagarnaga street (center of alpaca garments).


Workshop time….First workshop and course on Bolivia’s main fish species.

Preparation for next day’s trip to Titicaca Lake.

Day 2: Titicaca Lake Trip – Visit to the Bolivian Aquaculture Research and Development Center – Second Workshop and Course – Overnight at Titicaca Lake.


Depart to Titicaca Lake by car, approximately 2 hours.

Guided visit to the Bolivian Aquaculture Research and Development Center, where we will learn about trout breeding in the highest navigable lake in the world, from eggs, fingerlings, hatcheries in small ponds and cages within Titicaca Lake


Travel by boat to “Isla del Sol” (Sun Island), Lake Titicaca main fishing center.

Second Workshop on what was learned.

Overnight at Titicaca Hotel.

Day 3: Boat trip to Isla del Sol – Third Workshop and Course – Return to the city of La Paz.


Travel by boat to “Isla del Sol” (Sun Island).

Visit to local fishermen.


Third workshop and course: Titicaca Lake fish and bred fish over 3,600 meters above sea level.

Overnight at Titicaca Hotel, on Lake shore.

Next day return to La Paz city.

Day 4: Return to the city of La Paz – Transfer to Hotel Gloria – Fourth workshop and course.


Return to the La Paz city.


Fourth workshop and course on Bolivia main camelid species: llamas, alpacas, vicuñas, guanaco and their crosses.

Examination of what was learned.

Walk around the city and shop for Alpaca and Llamas clothes on Sagarnaga street.

Certificates hand out.

Next day return to your country.

Día 5: Transfer to Internacional El Alto Airport – Return to Your Country.


Transfer to El Alto International Airport.

Return your country.

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Jorge Arteaga Zambrana

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