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Educational Travel Bolivia is a company dedicated to offer international students, teachers and lovers of ecological resources beautiful educational experiences of excellence that help to understand the functioning of nature, as well as learn how to obtain great benefits for humanity in an ecological way and sustainable. www.educationaltravelbolivia.com.

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Publisher Riches LLC (Editorial Riquezas SRL) was born as a result of the joint work of Jorge Arteaga and José Antonio de la Peña, carried out for more than 20 years developing the Encyclopedia Agricultural Bolivia (two volumes) and the Agricultural Bolivia Collection (seven books) based in a popular television program “Agricultural Bolivia”. In partnership with Eng. Jorge Scott, a successful businessman Jorge Arteaga, founded Editorial Riches LLC on September 20, 2014. The publishing house has the enormous advantage of basing his work on first-hand and practical knowledge gathered during de numerous programs of Agricultural Bolivia”, broadcasted since 1991, without interruption, in Bolivian national television Channel 7 – TVB. www.editorialriquezas.com


30-minute television programs, directed and conducted by Dr. José Antonio de la Peña. It is currently broadcast on channel 7. The program has been scouring every corner of Bolivia for more than 20 years, producing weekly television programs uninterruptedly. Producing books and DVDs with Mr. Jorge Arteaga Zambrana and his Editorial Riquezas SRL: www.editorialriquezas.com

Jorge Arteaga, bachelor in business administration was born in La Paz, Bolivia in 1968. He studied at San Ignacio School in the city of La Paz and at the Shelton State Community College in Alabama, United States, and graduated from the University Santo Tomás de Aquino in Bolivia. Researcher and self-taught in essence, he studied computer science, statistics, finance, graphic design, grammar, study techniques, marketing, public speaking, and others subjects. He worked in Data Center Company as Administrative Manager and as a consultant for Interconsult Company and the project for the Educational Reform with the German Cooperation in Bolivia. He was Regional Manager of Gold Forest Company. He worked as General Counselor of the National State Heritage Service of Bolivia. He collaborates with De La Peña in the production and diffusion of the television program “Agricultural Bolivia” for more than 20 years. Founder and General Manager of Editorial Riches LLC. Co-author of the books: Encyclopedia Agricultural Bolivia (two volumes) and Agricultural Bolivia Collection (seven books). He speaks and writes in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

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