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The first 8 days are the same as Options A and B.

Where Do We Stay?

Night 9: Hotel Gloria in La Paz.

Night 10: Palazio del Sal Hotel in Uyuni.

Night 11: Hotel Cortez in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

PRICE: 3999.- USD per person.

Day 9 a: City Sightseeing tour – Rest.


City Touristic tour.


Shopping and rest.

Day 9 b (optional): Travel from La Paz to Los Yungas

Meeting at the bicycle rental agency.

Departure in vans to the “Cumbre de la Coordillera”, road to Los Yungas.  approximately 1-hour trip.

Downhill by bicycle from the “Cumbre de la Coordillera” to Los Yungas, by the “Camino de la muerte” (Death Road). Approximately 6 hours by the guidance of Bycle Tour experts.

Visiting special zoo in Yungas.

Return to the city of La Paz.

Day 10: Trip to Uyuni Salt Flat (Salar de Uyuni).


Travel by plane to Potosí city. Approximately 50 minutes flight.


Travel by land from Potosí to Uyuni. Approximately 3 hours and walk around the Salt Flat.

Visit to llama and alpaca producers.

Check in at a SALT Hotel.

Seventh workshop and camelid course.

Next day, return to the city of Potosí.

Day 11: Trip to the city of Potosí – Trip to Santa Cruz de la Sierra.


Travel by land from Uyuni to Potosí. Approximately 3 hours.


Trip to Santa Cruz city.

Rest, shopping and tourism.

Día 12: Transfer to Internacional El Alto Airport – Return to Your Country.


Transfer to El Alto International Airport.

Return your country.

Jorge Arteaga Zambrana

Jorge Arteaga Zambrana

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