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Dead Road – Los Yungas


Dead Road – Los Yungas

Traveling on the road to the Yungas is an unparalleled adventure. By narrow routes one enters to the north of the department of the Peace, with the exception of a section, until near Coroico, that is asphalted. From there, wood and a large quantity of bananas, citrus fruits, coffee, cocoa, coca, chicken meat and pork are extracted, mainly.

This is the old dirt road mostly linking the city of La Paz, Bolivia with the semi tropical zone of Los Yungas.

The tourist route leaves from the summit (where the cyclists are taken in mobilities) that separates the Altiplano with the semi-tropical zone at 4600 meters above sea level (masl) and descends to Los Yungas at less than 800 masl.

Bicycles, cycling equipment and roundtrip transportation are provided so that the ride is, for the most part, a beautiful and exciting descent.

Beautiful pools waiting for you at your arrival to end of the “Dead Road”. It used to be “The Dead Road” in the past. Now it is one of the best attractions in the world.

Road to Los Yungas.

A descent from the Cordillera to the semi tropical and warm zone of Los Yungas.

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