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The first 4 days are the same as Option A.

Where Do We Stay?

Night 5: Hotel Gloria en La Paz.

Night 6: Hotel Maya en Rurrenabaque

Night 7: Hotel Jatauba en la selva de Rurrenabaque

Night 8: Hotel Gloria en La Paz.

PRICE: 2999.- USD per person.

Day 5: Visit to the Trout Processing Center – Visit to Alpaca and Vicuña Wool Processing Center – Fifth Workshop and Course.


Visit to the Trout Processing Center.


Visit to the Wool Processing Center of Alpaca and Vicuña. Main species of South American.

Fifth workshop and course; camelids: llamas, alpacas, vicuñas, guanaco and their crosses.

The next day we depart by plane to Rurrenabaque – Gateway to Madidi.

Day 6: Trip to Rurrenabaque: Sport Fishing – Investigative.


We leave early by plane to Rurrenabaque. Approximately 30 minutes flight.

Transfer and registration at Hotel Maya.

Boat trip, research and sport fishing.


Return to the Maya Hotel.


The town of Rurrenabaque is usually full of tourists from around the world, many restaurants, pubs, swimming pools and other attractions.

Day 7: Travel by boat from Rurrenabaque to Hotel Jatauba in the middle of the Madidi jungle.


Boat trip to the Madidi National Park. Approximately 2 hours trip.

Guided tour to Hotel Jatauba in the middle of the jungle and near a river. Guided walks on trails to see fauna and flora.


Sport fishing and research.

Return to Hotel Jatauba to spend the night there.

The next day we return to the town of Rurrenabaque.

Day 8: Return to Rurrenabaque – Sixth Workshop and Course on the Madidi and the Amazon’s Piscicultural Resources.


We return by boat to the town of Rurrenabaque.

Sixth workshop and course on Madidi National Park and its natural resources.


We return to La Paz, 30-minute flight.

Día 9: Transfer to Internacional El Alto Airport – Return to Your Country.


Transfer to El Alto International Airport.

Return your country.

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Jorge Arteaga Zambrana

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