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Salt Lake Uyuni


Salt Lake Uyuni

The “Uyuni Salt Flat”, being the biggest Salt Flat in world, is a magnificent Natural Wonder. It is the main tourist destination in Bolivia. Experience staying in the  famous salt built hotel – indeed an unforgettable experience! It is such a unique sightseeing experience; the salt lake sun reflection will make you feel that you are walking on the clouds. If you watched the movie “Star Wars”, then you might recognize the Uyuni Salt Lakes, as some of the scenes were filmed there.

The Uyuni Salt Flat  located at its 3600 meters above sea level, is not only a great sightseeing place, but for nearby communities it is also an ideal place for the farming of llamas and Alpacas. The shearing

Shearing is practiced annually in stations where the temperature is higher and uniform and there is more natural pasture at the edge of the salt, while the first rains that fall on the animal wash their skin.

Been in the Uyuni Salt Flat  is an experience like from other world. Maybe that’s why the Star Wars movie was filmed overthere.

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